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The 2018/19 University Course begins!

On Wednesday, September 19, your new university adventure begins! Enjoy a unique stage in your life and remember that we

The rise in the price of credit and cuts in scholarships lead to greater university dropout

” Spain is among the most expensive countries to pursue higher education , and has a scholarship system located among

University students in the US could be indebted for credits for decades

The average student debt grew by 25% between 2000 and 2010, while the income of graduates between 25 and 34

How to Pay for The University of Texas at Austin

As the flagship school of the University of Texas system, The University of Texas at Austin uses the proud slogan,

The Keys of Selectivity 2018, know the University Access Test

The entrance exam to the University is divided into two phases : Access Test and Admission Test. The first phase

How to choose in which university to study

If you have already decided what university degree to study , now you have an even more difficult task, and

How much does it cost to study at the university in Spain?

After the selectivity, the time has come to choose the university in which we will spend the next four years

Discover how to study the University Degree you like

Are you passionate about the world of Journalism, Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Tourism, Audiovisual Communication, Drones, Graphic Design, 3D

The future of Europe or the university in the hands of entrepreneurs?

In the early hours of this Friday, the Police had to intervene to evacuate several professors from the University of

University of Osnabrück will soon have the youngest president

Leading the University of Osnabrück as the youngest German university president from October 2019: 42-year-old Susanne Menzel. Susanne Menzel was