Discover how to study the University Degree you like

Are you passionate about the world of Journalism, Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Tourism, Audiovisual Communication, Drones, Graphic Design, 3D and Visual Effects?

Enjoy a unique university experience in Europe!

How to apply for a Place in the University Degree?

Apply for your Place from September 21 to 24 , adding our University Degrees in your Pre-enrollment in the web of the Andalusian Unified District. If you approved in June and you did not request us in the Pre-registration Period, you can still do so within the Term of Allegations established after the publication of each award list. You just have to enter your username and password in the portal of the Andalusian Single District and add our Titration.

Live your vocation in the Campus of the Company!

In our Campus you will live a unique training experience in Europe , where you will learn from the best professionals and is 100% connected with the business world l. A university degree complemented with Professional Specialization Degrees from the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, which will boost your professional profile in the labor market. At the EUSA University Center you can do internships in companies from the first year.

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