Guide to buy your technological equipment for the university

The summer holidays come to an end. For thousands and thousands of Spanish students this also implies a new course at the university. Preparing for the new year is not just a matter of sharing notes and visiting the library; Sometimes you also need to buy a new computer to complete the work and make inquiries from home. Or simply to keep the notes in the cloud with total security.

During these days a new season of discounts takes place in El Corte Inglés , this time aimed at the university public with the possibility of financing up to 12 months . In the campaign “Ready for the return” you can find laptops, desktops, tablets, printers. The offer is as wide as some of the available discounts. You just have to know how to find the most suitable equipment.

There is a laptop for each race

Laptops have become the best study companion for every university student. However, not all jobs require the same processing capacity , nor all the form factors are suitable for a specific use.

For example, a team with a 360 degree screen is ideal for presentations or information in tablet mode, while a gaming laptop can become the best ally of engineers and architects for its enormous ease to work with three-dimensional models. And we can not forget the convertibles, which thanks to their support for digital pens are the perfect tool for design students.

The juicy discounts offered these days by El Corte Inglés are added to the discounts in the office and security programs. With the purchase of a computer we can also take Office 365 Personal for 49.90 euros (your RRP would normally be 69.90 euros) , as well as McAfee antivirus for 19.95 euros (which means a reduction of 70 euros).

HP 15-da0051ns, versatile and economic

The priorities when buying a laptop to study are quite clear. It has to have a good sized screen to work comfortably, a processor powerful enough to move all the usual applications and (whenever possible) a reasonable price. These three requirements are fully satisfied by the HP 15-da0051ns, which incorporates a 15.6-inch screen and a next-generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Equipped with a good repertoire of ports to connect all kinds of accessories, this laptop is a good option if you are looking for a team mainly oriented to consult information and perform work with the most common office applications. It also has a special price, since the entire HP range benefits these days from a reduction of 100 euros in El Corte Inglés.

LG Gram, a hard featherweight like no other

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Technically any laptop serves to work in the library or cafeteria of the university, but few are as comfortable for it as the new LG Gram. Its key lies in its incredibly light magnesium construction with nanocarbon, which leaves the weight of the 15.6-inch model in little more than a kilogram. And it is so thin that it barely bulges in the backpack.

Although many other ultralight laptops suffer from a certain lack of power, the star of the LG catalog is a very competent laptop to integrate an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor with no less than 16 GB of RAM. We are talking about a team with the power to last an entire race from start to finish, providing off-road performance for the vast majority of races. And on top of that it is hard like almost no other laptop, offering resistance to falls at the MIL-STD level .

Lenovo Yoga 720, convertible design and high performance

The Yoga range has university students from all over the world in love. And it’s easy to see why. Its enormous versatility facilitates its use as a conventional laptop or tablet with Windows, while advanced models such as the 720 provide high performance. We are talking about a high-level team, with a 13.3-inch touch screen and elements as advanced as a Core i7 processor, to which is added a perfect digital pencil to take handwritten notes, make sketches and sketches or highlight more texts easily.

HP Omen 15-dc0007ns, power in abundance for what it takes

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We will not tire of saying it: gaming computers serve much more than just playing . And there is no better example than the powerful HP Omen 15-dc0007ns, a very powerful laptop that has little or nothing to envy to the best towers, offering the performance that architects and engineers need when working comfortably with the most demanding projects.

The hardware of this laptop is first level. We are talking about a Core i7 8750H processor with desktop performance, 12 GB of RAM, more than 1 TB of storage and a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card to give life to a bright 15.6-inch screen. Highly recommended if you think of replacing the bedroom tower with more mobile equipment , its price includes the additional discount that HP’s computers benefit from.

Towers and accessories: choose the most appropriate

But just as laptops succeed in universities because of their versatility, they are not always necessary. In fact, sometimes it may even be advisable to have a good old-fashioned tower. The advantages of this type of computers are multiple. First, because they offer more power for less money.

Another point in favor of desktop computers is the fact that they can be extended very easily. This is especially important architecture and engineering (to put two quick examples), since since the start of the first course and until the end of the project is reached, the hardware has been outdated. Not only because they are usually long races, but because as the courses pass, the technical requirements of the work are also rising. It takes more power.

Because of their characteristics, desktops are particularly useful if you have a room with enough space. Especially because you may also want to add a printer, essential to take notes on paper and coordinate work more efficiently.

Like the portable equipment, the desktops of El Corte Inglés benefit from important discounts in Office 365 Personal (available with each new computer for 49.90 euros) and McAfee antivirus (reduced to 19.95 euros).

HP Pavilion 595-p0000nsm, balanced and versatile

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For many students, entering college is basically starting from scratch. New center, new friendships, new subjects. New life, in short. And also a new computer. The PC that has been able to accompany us during the institute is probably no longer up to the circumstances, so it is urgent to renew it with proposals such as the HP Pavilion 595-p0000nsm, which incorporates its own monitor to plug in and get to work.

In addition to a brilliant IPS 23.8-inch screen, this elegant tower (which does not occupy too much, so it fits in a fairly tight room) incorporates an Intel Core i5 eighth generation, 8 GB of RAM and a Radeon 520 graphics card of interesting benefits. In short, an off-road equipment with fully satisfactory and fully expandable features .

MSI Aegis 3 8RC-050EU, the maximum power for the most difficult projects

If on the other hand you already have a good monitor, a simple tower can suffice. Although that simple is a way of speaking. Careers like architecture or industrial and mechanical engineering (and even some specializations in chemistry and medicine) involve the creation and manipulation of large three-dimensional models that squeeze most of the equipment to the limit. A high-performance tower like the Aegis 3 from MSI is indispensable here.

This team of aggressive aesthetics is much more than a computer for players. It has top-of-the-line hardware, including a high-performance Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, but also a 16 GB Optane drive that accelerates hard drive speed to reduce load times to its minimal expression. A computer that will give years and years of satisfaction before thinking about updating it.

HP Envy Photo 6232 Wi-Fi with one year free of ink

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Like it or not like it, paper remains a reality in the student’s life. In addition, it is often easier to internalize concepts and summaries using folios and markers, which is why it is essential to have a printer. And if it’s multifunction, so much the better. This is the case of the HP Envy Photo 6232, which also keeps an ace up its sleeve: it comes with one year of free ink.

Since it is never pleasant to run out of cartridges at the last moment, and these are inexpensive, the HP Envy Photo 6232 comes with a subscription to the Instant Ink service, which allows you to print 100 pages a month for a whole year. You simply make the copies that are needed and, when necessary, you receive your new cartridges at home. An unbeatable idea if it is customary to pass the weekly notes to Word.

Simplify your life with a personal assistant

A priori may sound superfluous, but a personal assistant can become the best ally of the student lacking time. Beyond being able to put movies or raise the heating by voice commands , you can also search for information on the Internet and even organize the calendar without touching your mobile or PC, as well as taking notes at any time. A good way to avoid distractions and maximize productivity.

Google Home + TP-Link Smart Plug

The most powerful smart speaker has finally arrived in Spain. In addition to playing your favorite Spotify music or singing the weather forecast, this interesting device allows you to consult information on the internet, organize calendars and search for biographical reviews simply by saying “ok Google” and asking a question. For a limited time, in addition, it is offered with a free TP-Link smart plug , which will make it possible to plug and unplug any device connected to it by just asking nicely.

Google Home Mini + Smart Bulb TP-Link

The smallest version of Google Home receives the last name Mini. Less musical than its older brother, this intelligent speaker works as a hands-free and domotic control center, taking advantage of its connection to all types of devices. In addition to offering all the benefits of the conventional Google Home, this model includes a TP-Link smart light bulb at no additional cost, thanks to which you can control the lighting of the house (turn off and on, but also dim or intensify) with orders of voice.

The unsurpassed versatility of tablets

Sometimes a laptop comes big. The noise of the keyboard can disturb the library or simply a basic query tool is needed. In addition, more and more centers offer the contents of their agendas in digital format, which together with the enormous amount of online classes makes the use of one of these devices very interesting. You have to keep in mind that in the uni is not worth anything anymore, so you must always look for a device with a quality screen and that gives a good performance handling large documents.

Apple iPad 128 GB, now more capable than ever

Apple has enormous experience in the world of education , especially in the United States, where its products are the reference in many categories. This leadership is more than other products in the iPad, which today is not only the bar to measure the rest of the tablets, but also a device more capable than ever since it was added support for the Apple Pen (sold separately).

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite, with Wacom pen included

Huawei proposes with the MediaPad M5 Lite an affordable tablet but that does not dispense with the tools that every student needs. It has 10.1 inches, 32 GB of storage and a Wacom pen sensitive to pressure , which is not usual within its price segment. This makes it possible to take handwritten notes with complete simplicity, as well as draw outlines and underline texts.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, a multipurpose option

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the best Android-based tablets. The South Korean manufacturer has worked hard to improve interaction with its S Pen, which has a powerful suite of applications designed to take notes and edit texts with maximum efficiency. You’ll also find advanced drawing applications to take advantage of its 9.7-inch OLED screen.

Not to miss a class: electric mobility

Going to class is one of the topics of the year. Electric mobility is much more than a fad, and more and more students decide to give it an opportunity to take advantage of its many advantages. The El Corte Inglés catalog also introduces a discount of 35% on Nilox and Inmotion mobility products these days, so there are no more excuses.

Nilox DOC electric skate

And to think that there were people who believed that electric scooters were a simple fashion … The truth is that these types of devices are here to stay. They are small, versatile and can be collected in any corner, qualities exemplified by the Nilox DOC. Its maximum speed of 10 km / h allows walking with the ease of a bike, while an LED lighting system prevents possible mishaps when you drive with it at night.

Electric bicycle Inmotion E-Bike P1F

An electric bike does not have to be big and bulky. This is demonstrated by Inmotion with its compact E-Bike P1F, a folding design model that can be transported not by rolling, but under the arm. Ideal to store it in any corner of a student flat, it reaches a speed of 30 km / h and has a maximum autonomy of 20 kilometers, so going to class and going back will not be a problem. More practice than the classic moped.