How to choose in which university to study

Image result for choose universityIf you have already decided what university degree to study , now you have an even more difficult task, and that is to choose which university to study. It is important to learn well before making a choice that will condition you in the next few years or even your professional future. That is why we have prepared this


1. What kind of education do you want to receive?

This is the first and main question. Does the academic program offered by the University contain updated training adapted to the new professions demanded by society?
Ask if in addition to the university degree you will have access to complementary workshops, postgraduate and master’s degrees and a personalized training itinerary that allows you to specialize and complete your studies.
It is also important to know if the title you will obtain is official or not. The official qualifications allow you to apply for scholarships or state study aids, as well as to submit to public exams.

2. How are the teachers?

Do they have professional experience in the sector for which they teach? Are they accessible? The best way to learn a profession is with expert teachers in the sector.

3. Does the University prepare you internationally?

Does it facilitate language teaching? Does it prepare you for international degrees and certifications? Do you have stays abroad or scholarships with other countries? Search universities with international programs and experiences !

4. Do you offer internships in companies?

Is the University connected to the business network? Ask if you have a compulsory internship program and the agreements you have. The more professional experiences you perform, the more job opportunities you will get!

5. Do you offer scholarships from the University?

In addition to general scholarships such as the Ministry of Education or the Erasmus Scholarship, ask if there are scholarships and scholarships of their own.

7. Does campus culture match your personality?

Find a Campus with a culture that suits your needs and personality. The academic program is complemented by a wide range of training, sports, cultural and leisure activities for the integral formation of the student.
Is it important for you that the campus has a hectic schedule of activities? Or are you mainly looking to attend class and then go home?
Is it a social campus, a suburban campus or a quiet campus? Start networking from the University!

8. Do you prefer a large or small university campus?

If you like the idea of ​​a united community and small classes, a small campus would be better for you. If you want the anonymity of a crowd and you’re excited about attending a conference of 800 students, you’re probably better off on a large campus.

9. How are the university facilities?

Do you have innovative facilities and the best resources and equipment for your training?? It explores technological resources, computer equipment, accessibility and common spaces, such as study rooms and multimedia classrooms.

10. What is most important to you?

Ask yourself what is important to you and what university will provide you with the learning experience you are looking for. After satisfying all the questions, the best way to know if a university is right for you is to visit it in persn.





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