The best Mini online loans

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We want to show you the best online quick credits and talk a little about each of them. We will also tell you about our application to compare quick loans.

1 – Quick credits without payroll.

The loans without payroll that can be ordered from the iPhone, Android or computer, remain one of the solutions most demanded by users who use online financing .

Because in Spain, there is a large part of the population that receives state aid, aid for unemployment or that work autonomously; the demand for non-payroll loans is very large.

One of the most common characteristics of this type of credit is that they are usually returned in a single installment, as if it were a salary advance.

2 – Crowdlending loans to individuals and businesses.

It is not yet a well-known form and neither in a highly demanded form in Spain. However, the demand for this financing model is growing.

In some European countries it is already one of the most common forms of financing.

In this financing model, not only can you register as a user that demands money, you also have the opportunity to become one of the private lenders that funds other users, with the main objective of receiving a certain interest in return.

3 – Quick mortgages.

These are not small online credits with which to buy a trip or a mobile phone, but they are revolutionizing the ways of requesting money to buy a home.

Thanks to quick mortgages, the user who requests information about those mortgages, in a few minutes or a few hours, already knows if it is a client able to receive the financing to buy a house .

Users who fill out these forms are not required to accept the mortgage. The quick mortgages, serve to know if a user would be accepted, without having to queue at the bank, in the real estate and without having to convince anyone.

4 – Quick loans without interest.

Unlike other types of fast loans online, this type of solution does require that the user is not on the list of defaulters or is not on the ASNEF list . These are financial companies that offer the offer of a first interest-free loan to new users.

A good way to get very good reviews and future clients, that in the following loans, if they will have to pay interest.

5 – The credit cards of online banking.

There is a lot of competition between digital banking and new innovative technologies are emerging, with the aim of making users feel very comfortable in certain digital platforms.

Online banks let the user not have to step on the bank’s office to have an open account. They also provide credit cards to their users and discounts at the most famous stores in Spain.

Credit cards from digital banking also have the opportunity to become a tool for deferring payments and not having to apply for quick credits elsewhere.

Our application to compare loans.

We have developed an application to compare financial solutions from an Android phone. Through this application you will not have to be looking at Google several financial, since you will have the best financial from the application.