The Keys of Selectivity 2018, know the University Access Test

The entrance exam to the University is divided into two phases : Access Test and Admission Test. The first phase is mandatory , while the second part allows you to upload the Admission note , where you can get up to four additional points , which will allow you to reach a maximum of 14 points.

Each of the PEVAU exams lasts an hour and a half, and you can choose between two different models. Since last year’s PEVAU, students can enroll in a different modality than the one studied , so they can take any of the main core subjects of modality (Foundations of Art II, Mathematics II, Mathematics applied to Social Sciences II or Latin ).

Next, we explain what each phase consists of and the subjects under examination.

First PHASE of Selectivity: Access Test

The first block scores from 0 to 10 and consists of four compulsory tests: History of Spain, Spanish Language and Literature and Foreign First Language II and the general subject (previously mentioned).

The most recent novelty in the Access Test is that students can choose the language they want to examine from among the following: English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese , whether they have completed it or not. In addition, students may perform a mode other than the one studied, being able to examine any of the main core subjects:

In addition, the core subject of the modality will also serve to be able to weight and raise the grade, as long as the score obtained is a 5 or more.

Second PHASE of Selectivity: Admission Test

The second block is dedicated to raise the grade of the entrance exam to the University, but never lowers the qualification obtained. The student that wishes it, can be examined of up to four exams to raise his grade of average in selectivity up to 4 points at the most.

In addition , more subjects are included in the specific phase so that students have more options to raise grades.

The subjects are the following : Performing Arts, Musical Analysis II, Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Audiovisual Culture II, Artistic Drawing, Technical Drawing II, Design, Business Economics, Physics, Fundamentals of Art II, Geography , Geology, Greek II, History of Philosophy, History of Art, History of Music, Latin II, Applied Mathematics CCSS II, Mathematics II, Chemistry, Graphic-Plastic Expression Techniques and Industrial Technology II.

Try the Selectivity Testing Models

Practice your knowledge with the models of exams of selectivity in Andalusia that the Andalusian Unique District has published with questions that could appear in June in the test of Assessment of Baccalaureate for the Access to the University, EVAU. A great opportunity to try real exams!

Image result for university examAverage grade to access the University and Weighting Parameters

The obtaining of a 4 of average in the Selectivity test will be enough to make the average with the record of baccalaureate. If after the weighting of the grades obtained in Baccalaureate (which represents 60%) and in Selectivity (which represents 40%), the student exceeds the final average grade of 5 can access a university degree and perform the university pre-registration .

Click and discover the current Weighting Parameters to be able to access the university degree that you would like to study, according to the baccalaureate modality you are studying!

Those who have already passed the PEVAU or previously the PAU (University Entrance Examination ), and wish to improve their grade, may apply to both phases, as appropriate.

Find out about the 2018 Selectivity news!

Do not stay behind and find out about the 2018 Selectivity news! Leave us your information and we will inform you about the new University Access Test, as well as tips and tricks to successfully pass the Selectivity .


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Novelty: Second Language for the PEVAU 2019

The 2019 Selectivity will have as a novelty the incorporation of a second foreign language as a scoring subject for some grades, for which it will be included among the optional subjects of the Admission Phase . A very interesting fact for the students who are doing this year First of Baccalaureate, since they can consciously make the choice of the subjects they are most interested in studying in 2nd year of Bachillerato depending on the university degree they wish to study.

In this way, the introduction of the second foreign language in the University Entrance Exam is postponed for one year.

University Degrees in Seville

The University Campus of Communication of Andalusia places at your disposal Official University Degrees of Journalism, Publicity and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication, Tourism and the Double Degree of Communication and Journalism , with Official Degree from the University of Seville and the Specialization Degree of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville , to enhance your professional profile in the labor market.

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