The most economical city for university students

Thinking about studying outside of your city? Seville is one of the best cities to study, for its climate, its wide educational offer, its varied social and cultural life , and above all, for being one of the most economic cities in the country.

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Seville: accommodation, food and cheaper universities

Accommodation is a fixed expense for any student who studies outside of their city. For this reason, Seville is a great option for young people, due to its low prices. The average rent for a room is around 180 – 250 euros, while in other cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the cost exceeds 400 €.

It also highlights in Seville, the economic prices of public transport, food and beverage products and university fees.

What University Degrees can you study in Seville

Live a unique university experience in Europe at the Communication Campus of Andalusia! You can study the university degrees of

  • Advertising and PR (+ Specialization in Digital Communication or Graphic Design)
  • Audiovisual Communication (+ Specialization in Drones or 3D and Visual Effects)
  • Journalism (+ Specialization in Digital Journalism or Research)
  • tourism
  • Double Degree of Communication and Journalism

A Campus 100% connected to the business world , Internships in Companies from the first year, International and Employability Programs , Languages , Networking , Competency Workshops, Official Title + Professional Specialization and iPad.